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We are Cheshire based company supplying customers all over the world with promotional novelty items and crafts kits!  

Our products may appear simple but we have a passion for making sure our products are produced to the highest standards and are produced ethically, take a look at our ethical and fairtrade policy where it tells you how we personally look after the people who manufacture our products.

Conservation is something we take very seriously 90% of products are manufactured here in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint and we only produce products from sustainable and recycled raw materials. 

We can guarantee that…

  1. NO Animal products are used in our merchandise
  2. No child enforced labour is used to produce our products
  3. Staff work 5 days a week and provide with high standards of care
  4. 90% of products are produced in the UK
  5. Our products are planet friendly 
  6. Our products are produced wherever possible from recycleable material.
  7. Our products are produced from sustainable sources.

When you purchase a product from Showthecrow.com you can be sure it is great quality and produced in a way that is ethical and sustainable!